cyclization reactions of certain 5-amino-4-chloro-6-hydrazinopyrimidines with phosgene

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Pyrimidines., Carbonyl compounds., Ring formation (Chemistry), Hydraz
Statementby Mark Harry Krackov.
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The Cyclization Reactions of Certain 5-Aminochlorohydrazinopyrimidines with Phosgene 1. Mark H. Krackov; B. Christensen; Cite this: J. Org. Chem.28, 10, Reaction of 5-nitromethoxypyrimidines with the anion of malonic acid dinitrile. The cyclization reactions of certain 5-aminochlorohydrazinopyrimidines with phosgene Public DepositedCited by: Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): (external link).

The Cyclization Reactions of Certain 5-Aminochlorohydrazinopyrimidines with Phosgene 1. Mark H. Krackov; B. Christensen; The Journal of Organic Chemistry   2-Aminomethylthiocyano-6(1H)-pyrimidinethione has been prepared via treatment of N-cyanodimethyldithioimidate or 1,1-di(methylthio)thiocar-bamoylcyanoethylene with cyanothioacetamide or cyanamide.

The structure of the complex formed between 2-aminomethylthiocyano-6(1H)-pyrimidinethione and urea has been studied by x-ray structural analysis. Thieno[2,3 Cited by: 1. Cyclization reactions of hydrazones.

VII. Synthesis of some 2-aryloxo-2 5 3-dihydro-5ff-l. 2 5 triazino[5,6-b]indoles P. PEČ and J. SLOUKA Department of Analytical and Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences r Palacký University, 46 Olomouc Received 2 December By coupling diazonium salts with ethoxycarbonylamino-indole a.

Treatment of amide 9 with phosgene and potassium tert -butoxide was previously reported to effect cyclization and give the 5-methoxy-pyrido[1,2- c ]pyrimidine ring system (10) in 15% yield.

9 The 3-methyl version of 9 was reported to give 85% yield of the corresponding 5-methyl-pyrido[1,2- c ]pyrimidine ring system Cited by: 7. From ArylX to ArylH Activation in Metal-Catalyzed Polymerization Reactions W.

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Heitz Chapter 2, DOI: /bkch Publication Date (Print): May 5, BOOK REVIEWS. Organic Synthesis on Solid Phase: Supports, Linkers, Reactions Florencio Zaragoza Dörwald. Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure, 5 th ed by M. Smith and J.

March. Wiley Interscience: New York. $ ISBN Organic Process Research & Development Introduction of carbon monoxide into organic molecules is intrinsically important in synthetic organic chemistry in both laboratory and industrial scale.

A number of transition metal-catalyzed carbonylation reactions have been developed to prepare a wide range of carbonyl compounds. 3β-Acetoxy-2′-methyl-5′-cyanoandrosteno[17,c]pyridine-6′(1′H)-thione was obtained by thiylation of 16α-dicyanomethyl-3β-hydroxypregnenone acetate, and its alkylation by chloroacetonitrile and phenacyl bromide was studied.

The same thione was also synthesized by treating the corresponding 6′-bromo-2′-methyl-5′-cyanoandrosteno[17,c]pyridine with : Yu. Sharanin, G. Klokol. A turn-on fluorescent probe based on Si-rhodamine for sensitive and selective detection of phosgene in solutions and in the gas Phase Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6(39) September.

We report here a novel method for the modular synthesis of highly substituted piperazines and related bis-nitrogen heterocycles via a palladium-catalyzed cyclization reaction. The process couples two of the carbons of a propargyl unit with various diamine components to provide nitrogen heterocycles in generally good to excellent yields and high regio- and stereochemical by:   Substituted thiazoles, 1,4-benzothiazines, imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles, and imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines containing acylamide residues as substituents were obtained by reaction of ω-chloro-ω-acylaminoacetophenones with thioamides, o-aminothiophenol, 2-aminothiazole, and 2-aminopyridine.

Some of these substances can be used for the synthesis of heterocyclic bases with an unsubstituted Cited by: 1. Reaction of 5- 6- or 7-methoxyindole with 2,5-hexanedione, for example, gives the corresponding carbazole in 40–50% yield (equation ) 〈67AJC, 78TL, 77JCS(P1)〉.

This reaction has figured prominently in the synthesis of the anti-tumor alkaloid ellipticine (4) and its analogs 〈62JCS〉. see article for more reactions.

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Abstract. Synthesis of various highly functionalized Δ 3-pyrrolines has been accomplished by a AgNO 3-catalyzed cyclization reaction of allenic amino acids that proceeds with transfer of chiral information.A new mode of cyclization of allenic benzoyl-protected amines in the Ag(I)-catalyzed reaction leading to oxazines was also observed.

Intramolecular cyclization of the N - (2 - chloroethylcarbamoyl) derivatives of glycine, valine and phenylalanine give imidazolidone, oxazoline and hydantoin derivatives. The imidazolidone and oxazoline derivatives possess alkylating activity toward NBP.

but the hydantoins do by: 3. Bonnemann cyclization: Reaction of 2 mol of acetylene with 1 mol of acetonitrile in the presence of Co(I) catalyst leads to the generation of 2-methylpyridine. β,γ-Unsaturated ketoxime of hexenone in the presence of sodium phenoxide and palladium-based catalyst, delivered 2.

The cyclization can be supported by microwave irradiation. In particular cases, heating is sufficient to accomplish the reaction. Several antibacterial 1,2-bis(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)ethanes were synthesized from the respective dihydrazones using bromine in acetic acid with added sodium acetate.

Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins in Organic Chemistry: Volume 4 - Protection Reactions, Medicinal Chemistry, Combinatorial Synthesis (Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins in Organic Chemistry (VCH)) | Andrew B. Hughes | download | B–OK. Download books for free.

Find books. Aldrich; 2-Aminochloromethoxypyrimidine ; CAS Number: ; Linear Formula: C5H6ClN3O; find related products, papers, technical documents, MSDS & more at Sigma-Aldrich. The preparation of 2- and 4-thiohydantoins and of 2,4-dithiohydantoins is discussed, with some attention to the effect of the thiocarbonyl group on cyclization reactions.

Mention is made of procedures in which the N- or C- terminal amino acid residue of polypeptides is.

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Metal and phosgene-free synthesis of 1H-quinazoline-2,4-diones by selenium-catalyzed carbonylation of o-nitrobenzamides March Tetrahedron Letters 51(11) THE CYCLIZATION REACTIONS OF CERTAIN 5-AMINOCHLOROHYDRAZINOPYRIMIDINES WITH PHOSGENE INTRODUCTION In Hitchings, Elion, and coworkers began a study of the relationship between chemical structure and the ability of certain analogs of the naturally occurring pyrimidine and purine bases to serve as precursors for or to modify nucleic acid biosyn.

Friedel–Crafts hydroxyalkylation. Arenes react with certain aldehydes and ketones to form the hydroxyalkylated products, for example in the reaction of the mesityl derivative of glyoxal with benzene: As usual, the aldehyde group is more reactive electrophile than the ontology ID: RXNO The extreme toxicity and ready accessibility of nerve agents and phosgene has caused an increase in the demand to develop effective systems for the detection of these substances.

Among the traditional platforms utilized for this purpose, chemosensors including surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, enzymes, carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, and chromophore based sensors have attracted Cited by: These reactions are outside the scope of this review and the interested reader should consult one of the available reviews.

[1,4,7,21, [67] [68] With respect to the topic of this review, it is Author: Frédéric Paul. Active sites in carbon-catalyzed phosgene synthesis from gaseous CO and Cl2 have been identified using C60 fullerene as a model catalyst.

The carbon atoms distorted from sp2 coordination in non. Special Issue Reviews and Accounts ARKIVOC (i) ISSN Page ©ARKAT USA, Inc. Synthesis of 3(5)-aminopyrazoles These are generally obtained from either reaction of hydrazines with α,β-unsaturated nitriles, 3-oxoalkenonitriles and hydrazines or reaction of hydrazonoyl halides with active methylenenitriles In addition, several other novel routes have.

Structure. Like phosphate, phosphoryl chloride is tetrahedral in shape. It features three P−Cl bonds and one strong P=O double bond, with an estimated bond dissociation energy of kJ/mol.

On the basis of bond length and electronegativity, the Schomaker-Stevenson rule suggests that the Chemical formula: POCl₃. Explain why cyclization reactions of this kind carried out in dilute solutions are likely to give better yields of (CH,), than in concentrated solutions.

Use the data of Table and other needed bond energies to calculate AH for the following reaction in the vapor state at 25' with n = 3, 4, and 5.This reaction belongs to the general class of nucleophilic addition reactions. Treatment of compound 24a-f with aqueous alcoholic potassium hydroxide caused intramolecular cyclization with formation of the potassium salts of 4-oxothioxothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines 25a-f.

2-Thioxothienopyrimidines 26a-f 2were isolated by.A Sigma-Aldrich 4-Aminochlorofluoropyrimidine CAS Number Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 4 H 3 ClFN 3. Molecular Weight MDL number MFCD PubChem Substance ID NACRES NA